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802.x: IEEE Local and Metropolitan Area Network standards

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Kleine Übersicht über ausgewählte Standards der 802-Reihe:
802.1HILI - Higher Layer Interfaces / bridging & management
802.1dBridging, Spanning Tree
802.1qVirtual LANs
802.1wRSTP - Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
802.1xport-based network access control
802.2Logical Link Control (LLC)
802.3Ethernet / CSMA/CD access method
802.3ab"Gigabit Ethernet" over UTP / 1000BASE-T
802.3afPower over Ethernet (PoE)
802.3ah1000BASE-BX10 / 1000BASE-LX10
802.3z"Gigabit Ethernet" [over fibre]
802.4Token-passing bus access method
802.5Token Ring access method ("Token Ring MAC")
802.6DQDB access method ("Distributed Queue Dual Bus")
802.7Broadband LAN (using coaxial cable)
802.8fiber optic technical advisory group
802.9integrated services LAN
802.10interoperable LAN security
802.11Wireless LAN
802.11a5 GHz, 54 MBit/s
802.11b2.4 GHz, 11 MBit/s, Higher-Speed physical layer extension
802.11b-corKorrekturen zu 802.11b
802.11c[see 802.1d]
802.11dAnpassung an nationale Regelungen
802.11eQoS-Extensions for the MAC-Layer & better power management
802.11fInter AccessPoint Protocol (IAPP)
802.11g2.4 GHz, 54 MBit/s (optional 22 MBit/s - Packet-Binary-Convolutional-Coding PBCC)
802.11hSpectrum managed 802.11a -> Europe, Dynamic Channel Selection DCS, Transmit Power Control TPC
802.11iWPA2 - enhanced security (in comparison to WEP)
802.11j5 GHz @ Japan
802.11kRadio Ressource Management
802.11nMIMO: up to 600MBit/s
802.11qnetwork segmentation via multiple SSIDs
802.11rfast BSS transition ("fast roaming")
802.11sESS Mesh Networking
802.11uinterworking with non-802.11 networks
802.11wprotected management frames
802.12demand priority access
802.14cable modem [disbanded]
802.15wireless personal area networks (W-PAN; != WPA, which stands for Wireless Protected Access!)
802.15.1BlueTooth - lower layers
802.15.2Co-Existence of WLAN & WPAN
802.15.3high rate
802.15.4WPAN w/ low data rate (LR-WPAN) - ZigBee SingleChip
802.16Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Aera Networks (-> HiperMAN @ ETSI)
802.16.1local multipoint distribution service
802.16aWimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)
802.16e(mobile) broadband wireless access
802.17RPR - Resilient Packet Ring
802.18RRTAG - Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
802.19CoTAG - Coexistence Technical Advisory Group
802.20Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA)
802.21MIHS - Media Independent Handover Services
802.22WRAN - Wireless Regional Area Networks: TV-frequencies for data
802.23broadband ISDN system